Username/Password Help

All Mercyhurst student IT services utilize the same username and password to access WebAdvisor, Blackboard, and the Portal. Your username is lowercase only and consists of the first letter of your first name, the first five letters of your last name, and the last two digits of your Mercyhurst Student ID Number (Student ID No. is a seven digit number that can be found on student ID card or billing statements).

All faculty, staff, and students are required to reset their passwords every 90 days to improve network security. If you do not reset your password after 180 days, your password will expire and your Mercyhurst IT accounts will not be accessible until the password is reset.

Passwords can be reset by setting up an account in the Password Management Tool.  Resetting your password through the Password Management Tool will reset your password for Blackboard, WebAdvisor, and the Portal.
If for some reason you are NOT registered with the Password Management Tool, please notify the Help Desk at 814-824-3200.
Student email accounts use the same username that is used to access Blackboard, Webadvisor, and the Portal but the passwords are not connected. To log into your email, go to You must log into your email with your full email address: Your email password will never expire unlike your Blackboard, Webadvisor, and Portal password. If you forget your password, you must call the Help Desk at (814)824-3200 to have it reset. Students keep their Mercyhurst email accounts forever.

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