How To: PC and Mac Registration

The registration of your computer and other devices for use on the Mercyhurst Network will occur when you first attempt to access the Internet on the Mercyhurst Campus at the beginning of each term. All computers and other network-capable devices must be registered through the Bradford Campus Management system to provide Internet access while on the Mercyhurst campus. You will have to register each device at the beginning of every term.

All Critical Windows Updates must be applied and your approved Anti-Virus program must be operational and up-to-date.

  1. You will need your Mercyhurst Username and Password to complete the registration.
  2. If your PC does not meet these requirements, Internet access will be limited to accessing:
    • Mercyhurst Intranet –
    • Microsoft website –
  3. Step 2 and Step 3 of this process can be (and should be) done before you arrive on the Mercyhurst Campus. This will minimize the problems you may encounter when you connect to the Mercyhurst Network and proceed to register your computer on the network (Step 4 of this process). Registration can only be completed when you are connected to the Mercyhurst Network.

Instructions on Registering your Computer on Bradford Campus Manager

Step 1: Connect your Computer to the Mercyhurst Network  

  • Make sure you are connected either wireless or wired
    • If using wireless, make sure you connect to LakerVapor.
    • If using wired, make sure you have a Cat5 Ethernet cable and plug it into the DATA Wall Jack.
  • Do not attach a router to the network because it will interfere with the network connectivity provided by Mercyhurst University.

NOTE: APPLE/MACINTOSH COMPUTERS: Please skip to Step 4 for instructions to complete registration.

Step 2: Install Windows Updates  

  • For Windows 7 users:
    • Click the Start button, Control Panel, and select Windows Updates.
    • Click the Check for Updates button.
    • When Check for Updates finishes, click the Install Updates button.
  • For Windows 8 users:
    • Press the Windows button on your keyboard. When the Metro screen appears, type Windows Update and select Windows Update.
    • Click the Install Updates button.

NOTE: This process might need to be repeated a few times as later updates are dependent on earlier updates.

 Step 3: Make Sure you have a current Anti-Virus Software

  • If your computer contains McAfee, Norton, AVG 2014, MSE, or any of the Anti-Virus Software listed above, make sure you update the Anti-Virus software by opening the Anti-Virus and selecting the Update button/option.
  • If your computer does NOT contain these Anti-Viruses but does have a valid Anti-Virus installed, you will need to contact the Helpdesk (814-824-3200) to have the Anti-Virus validated and then have the computer MANUALLY registered for use on the campus.
  • If your computer does NOT contain one of these Anti-Virus programs and does NOT have a valid one installed, you should download and install Microsoft Security Essentials. Trial versions that are already installed on new computers are not valid.

 Step 4: Registration Process

  1. Double-Click your Internet Explorer, FireFox, or Google Chrome icon to open your browser.
  2. Your Browser will be automatically directed to the Mercyhurst Network Registration pages:
    • Read the Acceptable Use Policy / CODE OF CONDUCT
    • After you read the policy and if you agree to it, click on the Accept button.
    • Select the Next button.
    • Select the “Clients” Start button.
  3. On the Welcome/DOWNLOAD page, enter your Mercyhurst Username and Password and select the Download button.
  4. Run the Dissolvable Agent.
  5. Click Register. The tests will run and you will see the progress.
  6. Successful notification will appear when you are registered, or you will be notified if you have failed a test. If you failed a test go back to step 2 and repeat these processes until registered successfully. Click Finish.
  7. Your computer will then take 45 seconds to complete the registration.  Once your computer has been registered, it will display the “You Did It” window. Click OK.

Registering Game Systems on the Mercyhurst Network

In order to register a device for use on the Mercyhurst network, if it comes with a browser, you’ll be automatically routed to the registration page. Network-enabled games and other devices may not have a browser, so you’ll need to locate the MAC address (Media Access Control address) that was assigned by the manufacturer.  Once you have the MAC address, visit and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you encounter an error when registering the device, click on the Manual registration link at and fill out the form. An email will then be sent to the Help Desk with your devices information and will be manually registered within a few hours.