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    SISTER PATRICIA WHALEN, MAIN 106 – 814-824-2250

The Registrar’s Office maintains the official academic records for current and former students, prepares the academic schedule, and coordinates registration, final grade processing, and graduation.  The office is responsible for implementing the academic policies of Mercyhurst University.


The Registrar’s Office provides the following services: processing transcripts upon students’ written requests; evaluating transcripts; preparing the academic evaluation (degree audit); producing and distributing the course schedule each term; coordinating the registration process; processing grades at the end of each term; entering transfer credit; verifying that a student meets graduation requirements; and ordering diplomas.  In addition, the office schedules classrooms for all courses, and prepares and distributes the final exam schedule.  The staff is committed to maintaining the integrity of the student’s academic record and protecting a student’s right to privacy.  At the beginning of the Fall semester, the Registrar’s Office notifies students of their rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  Students may access FERPA information at the following site:


Copies are available in the Registrar’s Office or on the Mercyhurst University portal. To access the academic calendar, go to the Mercyhurst portal ( Login. Select Academics, Registrar. Under Registrar Links, select Academic Calendar.  The final exam schedule is also posted on this site.


The registration process begins with a conference between students and their faculty advisors.  For the registration dates for each semester, check the academic calendar or the academic schedule of courses for the registration dates.  To register online students need their advisor’s approval. To register in person students’ needs their advisor’s signature on the class schedule form.  During the drop/add period, which concludes one week from the first day of class, students may change their schedules, i.e. drop a class or add a class.  Students who drop a course after the first week, but before the end of the semester, receive a grade of “W” (withdraw) for the course.  The grade of “W” is not calculated in the grade point average.  Before students add and/or drop a course in any term, or withdraw from the University, they need to check with the Office of Student Financial Services to ensure that there will be no loss in financial aid resulting from the change in registration.


WebAdvisor gives students access to online registration and to their academic profile (grades, listing of transcripted courses), their individual class schedules, their program evaluation, the academic schedule of classes for each semester, and a listing of open and closed courses.  Since the program evaluation provides an updated summary of the status of completion of core courses, students need to review this screen after they have completed online registration.  By accessing this data after each registration, students can verify that they have registered correctly for core and major course requirements.

To access WebAdvisor, go to ( or go to the Mercyhurst portal.  Select My WebAdvisor.  For assistance, click on WebAdvisor Help located on the main menu.  Direct technical questions or login problems to the Helpdesk at 814-824-3200 or e-mail  Inaccurate academic data should be reported in person at the Office of the Registrar, Main 106, or by calling 814-824-2250.


Students who wish to change their academic program (major, concentration, or minor) complete the “Declaration of Major/Concentration/Minor Form” that is available in the Registrar’s Office.  The form is also available online on the Registrar’s site of the Mercyhurst portal.  Login.  Select Academics, Registrar, Forms & Documents, Major Change Form.  Students who need assistance completing this form may go to the Office of Academic Support.


Students who maintain a 3.0 GPA for two consecutive semesters are permitted to enroll in 21 or more credits per semester. The Office of Academic Affairs must approve all overloads.  Consult the course catalog for additional information.


The grade of Incomplete (I) is a temporary grade indicating that work in the course is acceptable, though a significant or critical portion is not completed due to illness or other grave circumstances beyond the student’s control.  The student verifies these conditions with the course instructor.  The incomplete grade is not used to extend time for course work or for the convenience of the student.  Consult the academic calendar for the date on which the final grade must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office. If the deadline is not met, the “I” is changed to a grade of “F”.


Grades received in a course are not changed except for special cases in which the instructor has made an error.  Grade change requests must be initiated within 45 days after the conclusion of the semester during which the grade was earned, with the exception of the spring semester.  Requests to change a grade earned during the spring semester must be initiated within 45 days after the fall semester has begun.  A grade change requires approval from the Office of Academic Affairs.


The instructor will define course requirements, including attendance expectations, within the first week of the semester.  Freshmen are expected to attend class.  Ordinarily, the course instructor indicates attendance expectations on the course syllabus.


An official transcript is one bearing the Mercyhurst University seal and the signature of the Registrar.  It is issued only upon written authorization of a student.  An unofficial transcript does not bear the seal of the University nor the authorized signature.  A fee of $5.00 is charged for the issuance of each official transcript.  An unofficial transcript is issued without charge.  The transcript request form is available online on the Registrar’s site of the Mercyhurst portal under Forms & Documents.


Students currently enrolled at Mercyhurst University may take a maximum of six (6) credits per academic year at another accredited institution, provided that they have not exceeded the total transfer credit limit (75 credits).  All course selections must be approved by the Registrar prior to enrollment.  If a student wants to enroll in a course to meet a requirement in a major/minor program, permission from the department director is also required.  Transfer of credit to the Mercyhurst University academic record occurs only if the student earns a grade of “C” or higher and arranges for an official transcript to be mailed to the Registrar.  Please see the course catalog for more details on the transfer policy.


To meet graduation requirements of Mercyhurst University, students must successfully complete a minimum of 121 credits in courses, 100-level or above.  Graduation requirements for students seeking a Bachelor of Music degree are outlined in the University catalog.  Students should refer to the catalog and their degree requirement sheet for core curriculum and major requirements.  Declaration of graduation is made by September 15, fall semester, of the senior year.  Application for graduation is due in the Registrar’s Office by mid-February of the senior year.  The department chairperson signs this application form and lists any major course requirements that must be completed by the end of the spring semester.  Students who will not complete their studies by the end of the spring semester, but who could do so by the end of the following summer or fall semester, may participate in the May commencement exercises if they have no more than nine credits of required coursework or student teaching to complete.  All degree requirements must be completed in order for graduation to be posted on the transcript. To be eligible for senior awards, students must complete all course requirements by the end of the spring semester of the year in which they graduate.  Any change in the student’s graduation status must be reported to the Registrar by March 30.


The Mercyhurst University catalog describes the academic policies and procedures of the University.  The catalog includes more detailed information regarding academic programs, the core curriculum, academic standards and grades, graduation requirements, as well as other information.  Students are encouraged to keep a copy of the catalog they receive during their first year of study at Mercyhurst and to refer to it as needed.  It is also posted on the website.