Student Conduct

    MS. ALICE AGNEW, 327 EGAN HALL – 824-2422

Mercyhurst University is a community of learning dedicated to the lifelong development of the whole person where students gather knowledge, insight, skills, and vision necessary to attain the goals they have set for themselves.

Every member of the Mercyhurst community is encouraged and aided to meet the standards of behavior set by the University. These standards establish a foundation upon which the student builds a quality of life reflecting good citizenship, vigilance, and the safety and wellness of the campus community.

While understanding of errors in judgment, the Conduct Code is intended to maintain the integrity of the University Mission and Core Values while fostering the ethical maturation of the student.  The focus of the Conduct Code is good judgment, responsible social stewardship, and concern for an improved quality of life for the whole community. Excessive regulation, tedious debate, and contentious challenges are not the aim of this Conduct Code.

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